Do Skin Tags Go Away?

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Skin-TagsMost people are familiar with the unflattering bits of skin that may crop up somewhere on their bodies known as skin tags. A single person can have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. Babies, those who are overweight and the elderly are prime suspects for these flappy bits of skin. They tend to grow in places like the folds of your neck, under your breasts, in your armpits, the groin area and sometimes in the creases of your eyelids. They are generally small, not growing to more than 3mm in diameter and are harmless. They come in all shapes and sizes with some being long and skinny and others being stout and short. While there are several methods and products available to remove skin tags it is extremely unlikely that the skin tag will just ‘go away’ on its own if you don’t touch it.

You can remove skin tags by using a liquid nitrogen-based product like Compound W on the base of the tag. These products will freeze the skin tag and attempt to kill the cells from within. The skin tag can turn black before falling off and it can generally take 2-4 weeks to happen. The nice thing is that you only need to apply the product once.

There are also herbal remedies such as Pristine Skin Tag Removal Cream which you apply twice daily to the skin tag. With these products you must apply the cream or oil daily until the skin tag falls off. Some of the products can have a powerful smell and the skin tag again may turn black before falling off. The nice things about these is that they are friendly and do not use chemicals.
Threading is also an option where you tie a piece of thread or a piece of floss around the base of the skin tag. This starves it of oxygen which will cause it to die. But you have to leave the thread there until it falls off.

Then of course, you can cut the skin tag off. Using nail scissors or a scalpel and snipping the tag at the base does the job. Unfortunately it is impossible to keep a skin tag from growing back. They are just one of those mysteries of the human body that we can’t really explain.
Because of this a skin tag will not just go away on its own. If the skin tag becomes twisted that may block oxygen from reaching it and that could cause it to fall off. Also, it may turn black on its own and fall off. But there is no guarantee that that will just ‘happen’. This is why if you really want a skin tag to be removed you need to use one of the products mentioned above or partake in one of the procedures.
There are many people who will go to their family doctor or to a plastic surgeon to have the removed and those are also options. This would be a good option if you have several of them or they are located in sensitive areas like the groin or by the eye. You don’t want to cause more damage by trying to remove them on your own. If you are ever in doubt, a consultation with your doctor should be fine. But then you have the cost, so you must weigh those concerns as well
While they are not flattering skin tags don’t have to be around forever. No, they won’t just disappear magically on their own, but they can be removed with good skin tag removal creams. Depending on your comfort level, you can even do it yourself.

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