Berries Are For Good Eating!

Jan 05 2016

Good-EatingSome of America’s most delectable confections owe their appeal to berries–which, thanks to their greater availability, may now be enjoyed for more than a month or two. All these fruit-filled desserts will be wonderful even when summer has slipped into fall.

Perhaps it’s the research that shows berries are high in the brain- and body-boosting antioxidants. Or the new cultivation techniques that now yield fruit from April to October. Whatever the reason, all of a sudden chefs around the country are brainstorming the berry.

At Magnolia Grill in Durham, North Carolina, pastry chef Karen Barker likes to pair strawberries and rhubarb. But instead of making the delicious pie we all know, she blends the two ingredients to make the light dessert consomme she serves after dinner. Chef Cory Schreiber of Portland, Oregon’s Wildwood …

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Protect Your Skin, Or Face The Consequences

Dec 28 2015

Protect-Your-SkinWe love sunshine. A little bit of color, we think, won’t hurt us. Sunlight energizes our bodies and radiates a glow into our skin that we equate with health and living the good life. “Sunlight is essential to the health of your bones and your skin,” says Stephanie Tourles, a licensed aesthetician and author of Naturally Healthy Skin: Tips and Techniques for a Lifetime of Radiant Skin (Storey Publishing; 1999; $14.95). “The skin uses the sun’s rays to create vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium.” She also notes that small amounts of sun exposure can help heal eczema, psoriasis, and acne and help to make you “feel good all over.”

I have always thought that there is never a bad day spent at the beach. However, in 2000, some 1.3 …

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Do Skin Tags Go Away?

Dec 21 2015

Skin-TagsMost people are familiar with the unflattering bits of skin that may crop up somewhere on their bodies known as skin tags. A single person can have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. Babies, those who are overweight and the elderly are prime suspects for these flappy bits of skin. They tend to grow in places like the folds of your neck, under your breasts, in your armpits, the groin area and sometimes in the creases of your eyelids. They are generally small, not growing to more than 3mm in diameter and are harmless. They come in all shapes and sizes with some being long and skinny and others being stout and short. While there are several methods and products available to remove skin …

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Good Cooking Always Takes Work

Dec 14 2015

Good-CookingLately my walks through our woods and meadows have left me feeling disappointed. This year’s crop of wild fruits seems so meager that I fear the only jelly I will be making will be crabapple. It makes me long for the summers when my children were small and the wild raspberries that grew along the edge of the woods were so abundant their canes bent nearly to the ground. One warm day years ago, after the early-morning dew had dried, my daughter Sarah and I tied our berry baskets around our waists and set to picking the sun-ripened fruit; it was an education, for sure. When Sarah popped a berry into her mouth, I laughed at her puckered face. Clearly we would need to add more sugar than usual to this years …

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Textiles Become Collectors Items!

Dec 07 2015

TextilesTen years ago, the scope of collecting antique textiles demurely confined itself to pre-1900s quilts, samplers, hooked rugs, lace-edged linens, and other forms of needlework finery. Over the past decade, however, the field has expanded to not only include these old favorites but also 20th-century creations and manufactured items like printed tablecloths, velvet pincushions, beaded flapper dresses, and spools of thread. “The textile market seems to broaden every year,” confirms Linda Zukas, organizer of the thrice-yearly Sturbridge Vintage Fashion and Textile Show, in Sturbridge, Mass. “The constant influx of new material keeps the field incredibly vibrant and fun for collectors.”

Dealers tracking the trend report that demand for 20th-century items–particularly 1940s and ’50s tablecloths, aprons, upholstery fabric, and the like–is driven mainly by nostalgia and is closely linked to the current popularity of …

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Exploring The “Napa Of The East”

Nov 30 2015

Napa-Of-The-EastSeveral strains of the 21 varieties of apples grown at Prospect Hill date to 1817, as does John and Judy Clarke’s caring work ethic. Hours of effort in the orchards paired with weekly trips to New York City’s green markets, where the family sells fresh apples, home-baked muffins, and cider, combined with an extensive U-pick operation at home, keep John, Judy, and their kids, Pam and Brad, busy. Brad tends new groves of peaches and cherries, pears and apricots. John and Judy work to develop low-spray maintenance programs that are a giant step toward organic certification, a r rarity among fruit orchards. “We’re supporting our growing families off one busy orchard,” notes John this face sunburned from outdoor work. “Together we’re holding back housing developers and keeping a Hudson valley tradition alive.”


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Recipes That Take From The Harvest

Nov 27 2015

sandwichWhen we encounter a tree dripping, fruit straight from hand to mouth is almost as irresistible as our desire to fill a bushel basket. The popular autumn harvest long ago evolved into a celebration, marking the end of a prosperous planting season while providing enough sweet fruit for the duration of a long winter to come. Even for commercial purposes, apples are still picked by hand, just as they were hundreds of years ago. Orchards like these at Maple Lawn Farms, in New Park, Pa., offer guests firsthand harvesting experience, a chance to fill their own crates, baskets, or bags. Here the fields flourish with antique varieties like the ‘Bisby Red’ featured on these pages, as well as newer types, like ‘Empire’, ‘Jonnee’, and ‘MacSpur’. The stresses of the week seem a world …

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Staying Warm Takes The Right Fabric

Nov 24 2015

Right-FabricFollow our guide for the ultimate in head-to-toe comfort, fashion and function this winter.

Remember bundling up for winter–only to look (and feel) like a giant marshmallow? Nowadays staying warm, dry, and comfortable is as simple as puffing on the latest (and greatest) in high-tech, low-bulk gear. Don’t worry: This simply translates to clothing and footwear made from fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin while letting the wind and wet nowhere near your body. Like those available here.

Wearing clothing that performs will give you the freedom to get outside and pursue your favorite activity, whether it’s taking a family ski vacation or walking to your neighborhood’s newest hot spot. And with warm fingers and toes (and everything in between), you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities longer. Here’s how to dress for success when facing the elements: Continue Reading »

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Recycle For Your Childrens’ Sake!

Nov 21 2015

Recycle-bagsIN THE CHILL DARKNESS OF AN AUTUMN NIGHT, A PICKUP TRUCK PULLS OVER TO THE CURB OF a side street. Caught in the glare of its headlights, piles of
black plastic trash bags await early-morning collection. A woman darts from the small truck, gives the bags an exploratory pat, and begins tossing them into the bed of her vehicle. Two, five, nine; they’re all loaded up and the truck moves on, helping my mission.

Turning the corner, another mound of bags catches her eye. The Leaf Thief strikes again. Alighting from the truck she’s arranging the new bags in the back of the pickup when an elderly man, out walking his dog, tips his hat in greeting.
I’ve been caught; my cover is blown. I wave nonchalantly and say hello.
He wants …

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Great Travel Comes By Rail

Nov 18 2015

Travel--RailLast spring, was led through Hope, Hell’s Gate, and the Jaws of Death all in the span of eight hours. I’m not looking for sympathy. This was a journey I had long looked forward to making, and for the duration of my trip I enjoyed pleasant company, three-course meals, fine regional wines, and the comfort of a well-padded reclining chair. In fact, I emerged from the experience feeling more relaxed and refreshed than I had felt in weeks. Credit for my contentment lay, as it so often does when one is traveling a long distance, with my chosen mode of transportation–in this case, a glass-domed, double-decker coach on the Rocky Mountaineer. As it makes its way from Pacific Central Station in the sea-level city of Vancouver, British Columbia, through the fertile Fraser River …

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